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United States Consulate Visit

I am the fortunate child of an international family who grew up around the world, so visiting the US Consulate in Thessaloniki sounded very interesting. However, it couldn’t help but bring up my under lying thoughts about not being a “real” American...

NUin students plant flowers at Elaiorema Park

Date of the event: 
October 20th, 2015

On October 20th, forty students from Northeastern University went to Elaiorema Park to weed and plant flowers and other florae under the supervision and instruction of agriculturists and gardeners.  Student Kyle Curtis described the experience as “an opportunity to volunteer your time in order to give back and show appreciation to our host city Thessaloniki".  When asked to describe the service-learning experience in one word or sentence, students said “rewarding”, “working for others”, and in a more humorous sense “mosquitos”! 

Summer Study Abroad Program 2015

More than 100 US students participated in ACT's 5 week summer study abroad program this year, and were given the opportunity to enroll in academic courses, visit significant and exceptional sites in Greece and enrich both their academic and social engagement.

Service Learning: Βringing together theory and community service

After a roller-coaster semester of an experimental class, the students of SOCSCI 399 presented their research on May 27th to the organizations, their instructors and the ACT community. The aim of this pilot course is to enable students to make visible connections between community service, critical reflection on their own learning process, personal and professional development, citizenship skills and values.

New Summer Program at ACT

The American University, based in Washington D.C., in collaboration with ACT is developing a new pre-freshman summer program for the summer of 2014, which it hopes to expand in the future. A small group of 10 students will be arriving in Thessaloniki on June 27th and staying for three full weeks. These students will be chaperoned by their Philosophy professor, Dr. Andrea Tchemplik, from the Department of Philosophy and Religion at A.U. Dr.

About Thessaloniki

The question here is not what to do but what to do first.
Elsa Zhulali ‘06



Greece is a land of mythical proportions, where the siren's song draws you into its deep blue waters, where a gentle breeze through ancient ruins seems to whisper your name. Discover the land chosen by the Gods while studying at the American College of Thessaloniki.

THESSALONIKI, the largest city in Northern Greece and once a vital sea port, is today a university town, very safe, with a beautiful waterfront promenade looking out towards the Aegean Sea and across to Mount Olympus. Easily accessible, a crossroad between east and west on the ancient via Egnatia, the town has a long history that dates back to the days of Alexander the Great. A modern city of 1 million inhabitants, it features Roman aqueducts and palaces, Byzantine chapels and walls, Venetian towers, modern universities, museums, shops, cafes, restaurants and reliable transportation services. What makes it most attractive is its authenticity, the warmth of its people, its unbeatable and affordable cuisine and its great night life.
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