The 2nd International Mediation Conference

Date of the event: 
October 2015

Mediation is a powerful and innovative tool that can be applied across a huge range of dispute and conflict situations.  ACT, in collaboration with ADRg Greece and the Thessaloniki Mediation Institute, co-organized the 2nd International Mediation Conference. The event, hosted at the ACT campus, posed an invaluable networking and learning opportunity for newly trained mediators and featured speeches from renowned professionals such as the President of the Thessaloniki Bar Association Nikos Valergakis, the Director of the School of International Arbitration Prof. Loukas Mistelis,  the Chairman of the National Mediators’ Accreditation Committee Dr. Lampros Kotsiris, and the President of Anatolia College, Dr. Panos Vlachos. During the event the First PanHellenic Mediation Competition was held. A truly historical moment for Greece and ACT.