ACT Computer Science student wins two 1st place positions, in a National Fpv Drone racing competition

George Papadimitropoulos, an ACT Computer Science major, participated in the Athens Drone GP (   George won two first places in the Racing and Freestyle competition categories.  He competed with a quad-copter that he designed, constructed and developed.
George is working with his fellow classmates on Drone construction and development at the American College of Thessaloniki, ACT.
Fpv Drone racing first appeared in 2014 in Australia and quickly spread as a sport around the world.  World and National competitions are very popular and are acquiring an even larger following every year.
In Fpv Drone racing, specialized pilots fly drones in a 3D racing track with speed up to 150 km/hr.  The racing Drones are constructed by the pilots themselves or their racing team, targeting speed, agility, and robustness criteria.  The pilots fly the drones with the use of goggles which receive live-feed from the drone’s on-board camera.