ACT hosts Kosovar media and civil society leaders

Date of the event: 
February 20, 2013

On Wednesday, February 20, the Dukakis Center hosted a small delegation of journalists and civil society leaders from Kosovo for an informal round table discussion on the state of Kosovar five years after the declaration of statehood. The speakers included Fliaka Surroi, Ilir Deda, Armend Muja, and Berat Rukiqi, who appeared courtesy of Eliamep and Kipred, leading think tanks in Athens and Pristina, respectively.

The event was attended by some 20 Kosovar students from ACT. Juniors Ibrahim Murati and Edona Toplica hosted the delegation on a tour through Thessaloniki and to campus before the round table session began.

Other Kosovar delegations met with students at the University of Macedonia and the Hellenic International University, before traveling to Athens for similar discussion sessions.

A small number of ACT students and alumni are working on a research project with Ioannis Armakolas of Eliamep and the University of Macedonia to determine views of Greece in the media of neighboring countries in Southeast Europe.