ACT welcomes its new Study Abroad students

ACT has opened its doors again once again and kicked off the Fall 2015 Study Abroad Program by welcoming approximately 300 students from twenty different US institutions. 


We are proud to host Northeastern University’s Greece Program at ACT for the eighth consecutive year.  Additionally, ACT is hosting a new program that was developed in conjunction with American University in Washington, DC called the Mentorship in Greece Program.  Seventeen students will participate this year along with AU faculty and staff. The aim of the program is to help students move beyond the classroom walls and better understand intercultural relationships as well as cultivate international diplomacy.   The 2015 American University and cohorts have joined us this semester to continue the tradition of starting their college experience abroad. 
All study abroad students were welcomed by ACT faculty and staff both on and off campus.  Participants joined in the comprehensive on campus orientation aimed to orient students to academics and activities at ACT.  They were guided on an extensive campus tour, learned about the resources available at the Bissell Library, began planning their fall trip to Mt. Olympus and dove into their first hour of Greek lessons!  They were also guided on neighborhood tours, a city tour of Thessaloniki and a harbor boat ride to better learn about the history and modern-day advantages of their new home town.  
Through the International Programs Office at ACT, in conjunction with Student Services, participants have the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiences that allow each student to develop in and out of the classroom.  210 students have already been registered to participate through volunteerism at local community centers, centers for disabled children, the A21 Campaign, Melissa Orphanage, YMCA, the Thessaloniki municipal vineyard and at over 20 other organizations.  In addition to the local volunteerism, students will participate in a selection of field trips to Vergina, Athens and Delphi to provide them with a better understanding of the Greek landscape, culture and history.  Additionally, fully trained ACT students and alumni make up our qualified Residence Assistant team that works closely with students on a daily basis in order to help each person find the individual experiences that make their time at ACT unique.  This full package of experiential learning offers the ACT Study Abroad student a unique opportunity to grow as individuals through unique experiences.  We look forward to a successful semester!