Announcing our new programs on Hospitality and Tourism

The Anatolia School of Business at ACT, is proud to announce its new set of programs on Hospitality and Tourism. The set covers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in cooperation with international academic institutions and industry professionals. At the undergraduate level, ACT will offer three programs: a) a 2+1 program in cooperation with Cesar Ritz, Switzerland, b) a 2+1 program in cooperation with Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland, and c) a 2+2 program with St. Thomas University, USA. At the graduate level, ACT will offer an MS in Hospitality & Tourism, a 1-year program accredited by NEASC. All programs will be taught by distinguished academics and professionals and include internships both at an international and a domestic level. Registrations are open and all programs launch in September. Interested students as well as working professionals are invited to select the program that best suits their current needs and future career goals.