"Is Embodied Intelligence a Necessity for Flexible, Adaptive Thinking?”

ACT Professor of Philosophy Dr. Vincent Müller was interviewed for the techemergence.com a media and market research firm focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
What is intelligence? For some researchers, it may be quite possible to create an intelligent machine ‘in a box’, something without physical embodiment but with a powerful mind. Others believe general intelligence requires interaction with the outside world, inferring information from gestures and other features of functioning in an environment. Dr. Vincent Müller is of the belief that intelligence may involve more than just mental algorithms and may need to include the capacity to sense rather than just run a program. Professor Müller focuses on cognitive systems as an approach to AI, and in this episode he talks about what this means and implies, how this approach is different from classical AI, and what this might permit in the future if the field is developed.
The research team of Prof. Vincent C. Müller and Dr. Alexandre Erler at ACT – American College of Thessaloniki is writing on characteristic cases of ethical issues of DiDIY, such as gun control (handguns & drones), human organ printing, synthetic biology and biohacking, employment and customisation as well as education. Their work is part of the European H2020 project "Digital DIY" (www.didiy.eu) which brings together 7 European institutions, from design to business, to research for 30 months with an overall budget of 2,1mil€.
You can listen to the conversation using the following link http://techemergence.com/is-embodied-intelligence-a-necessity-for-flexible-adaptive-thinking-a-conversation-with-vincent-muller/
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