New cooperative agreements signed between ACT and STU

Two cooperative agreements have been signed, between the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) and St. Thomas University (STU), in Miami, Florida. The agreements provide the framework for student curricular opportunities at both institutions, student and faculty exchanges, and tuition discounts.
More specifically based on these agreements, students from both institutions may spend two years at ACT and another two years at STU, in order to fulfill the curricular requirements for: a BA degree in Political Science with a Minor in International Relations, a BBA degree in Tourism and Hospitality, or a BBA degree in Sports Administration. Additionally, ACT graduates will be subject to preferential admissions criteria and tuition rates at STU’s LL.M. program in Intercultural Human Rights, a Master of Laws degree offered by STU’s Law School.
St. Thomas University is a private institution in the Miami Gardens, Florida, renowned for leadership development in justice, science, business and ministry. For more information on the BA and the LL.M.  programs, please contact Dr. Maria Kyriakidou ( For the BBA programs you may contact Dr. Nikolas Hourvouliades (