New Financial Aid Programs for ACT Students

At ACT we strongly believe that we offer an elite education. But education is not just for the elite!
We constantly strive to make education more affordable for all.
Especially for students in Greece who live outside Thessaloniki and will eventually have to move to the city for their studies, as well as for exceptional High School alumni with high grades.

Our new scholarships program aims to support even more prospective students:

Students coming from other cities will automatically receive a financial aid of 30% on their tuition upon application, given that their high school diploma was issued by a Greek High School that is not in the prefecture of Thessaloniki.
Students that hold a High School Diploma from Greece with a graduating grade of 17 and above will automatically receive a financial aid of 50% on their tuition upon application.

To learn more about ACT’s financial aid program, please contact ACT's admissions office.
For more information about all ACT's financial aid programs you may also visit
ACT Admissions Office