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Announcing our new programs on Hospitality and Tourism

The Anatolia School of Business at ACT, is proud to announce its new set of programs on Hospitality and Tourism. The set covers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in cooperation with international academic institutions and industry professionals. At the undergraduate level, ACT will offer three programs: a) a 2+1 program in cooperation with Cesar Ritz, Switzerland, b) a 2+1 program in cooperation with Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland, and c) a 2+2 program with St. Thomas University, USA.

Lansie Sylvia conducts workshop on branding and non-profit strategy

«The way an organization looks really matters.»
Lansie Sylvia is a rising star in the world of non-profit branding in the United States. She works as Director of engagement at the Philadelphia-based branding agency Here’s My Chance, and visited Thessaloniki recently under the auspices of the Dukakis Center at the American College of Thessaloniki.

ACT and HellasFin pieced the business puzzle together

ACT – American College of Thessaloniki and HellasFin organized for the first time an open round-table discussion on contemporary business issues. Mr. Nikos Pentzos, President of ZANAE was the distinguished guest, who set the tone for the questions and problems that bother today's companies. Problems rising from the long recession, the capital control regime and the political developments have been discussed by HellasFin experts, in particular​ Mr. Gaitanidis, Mr. Nikolidakis and Mr. Tsatsoulas, while Mr. Papaspyrou offered specialized taxation advice.

Dukakis Center hosts international conference on «Civic Engagement and the Practices of Democracy»

Date of the event: 
April 19th, 2016

«Who needs to change more, the citizen, the elected official, or the political system?»
So asked Professor Gerry Stoke, of the Universities of Southampton and Canberra, in the keynote lecture to the international conference «Civic Engagement and the Practices of Democracy,» held at the Met Hotel on April 18 under the auspices of the Michael and Kitty Dukakis Center for Public and Humanitarian Service of the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT), in collaboration with the Public Opinion Research Unit of the University of Macedonia Research Unit.

ACT - HellasFin: Piecing it all together

Date of the event: 
April 20th, 2016

Anatolia School of Business at ACT, in cooperation with HellasFin, is organizing a round-table event, on Wednesday April 20, at 6pm at Bissell Library of ACT.

The purpose of this event is to give answers to contemporary corporate and business issues that deal with cross-border transactions. Additionally, there will be a discussion on issues concerning portfolio management and the newest tax duties resulting as a result of the political developments.

The event will be in Greek.


2nd Civic and Urban Culture Festival - Dukakis Center

During a ten-day period from April 11-20 the Michael and Kitty Dukakis Center for Public and Humanitarian Service at the American College of Thessaloniki will host its Second Festival of Civic and Urban Culture.

Dukakis Center hosts distinguished Greek expert in Greek-Turkish relations

Kostas Ifantis delivers Dukakis Lecture
The Dukakis Center hosted a public lecture by Professor Konstas Ifantis, of Panteion and Kadir Has Universities, with Sotiris Serbos (Democritus University) and Paroula Perraki (University of Macedonia) as discussants, while Dr. David Wisner (American College of Thessaloniki) moderated the discussion. The lecture took place on the premises of the NAvarino Network, who co-hosted the event along with the Kaliopi Koufa Foundation.

Poetry in Bissell Library: An evening with poet Elsa Korneti

As part of the ongoing series of the Bissell Library Events commemorate World Poetry Day (March 21, 2016) an introductory afternoon of poetry by Ms. Elsa Korneti was held in the library on March 23, 2016.
The public were able to listen to excerpts from Ms. Korneti’s personal collection and were given the opportunity to come closer to the writing process of poetry and its content.

Haris Panidis art exhibition

Haris Panidis art exhibition
On Wednesday, March 30, 2016 the opening of the art exhibition “Haris Panidis: Retrospective Memory Exhibition” took place at the Bissell Library of the American College of Thessaloniki at which many people attended.
          Haris Panidis was born in Thessaloniki on 1954. He graduated from Anatolia College in 1972. He studied Economics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and undertook his Master’s degree in England, an M.Sc. in Industrial Management.

Digital & Social Media Diploma

The complete digital & social media diploma in Greece with a long track record as a catalyst for change is hosted in Athens and in Thessaloniki. Trusted by more than 450 executives in top agencies, brands and corporations. Designed by experienced professionals, and driven by the latest technology, case studies and online marketing tactics. Course's syllabus consists of exclusive topics and advanced knowledge.


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