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4th Annual ACT Scholarship Competition Results

We are happy to announce the results of the 4th Annual ACT Scholarship Competition for 9 Bachelor & 5 MBA scholarships.
The exams were held in Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos, Xanthi and Kozani in September 2015.
Please look for your ID number next to the score on the table of results which you can find here.


Fourth round of VentureGarden opens for entries

THI offers $50,000 as grants to support the best participating companies of the year
“VentureGarden”- Helping People Grow Ideas, the program on the promotion of entrepreneurship
Submission of Applications until October 4th
ATHENS, September, the 14th, 2015

Summer Study Abroad Program 2015

More than 100 US students participated in ACT's 5 week summer study abroad program this year, and were given the opportunity to enroll in academic courses, visit significant and exceptional sites in Greece and enrich both their academic and social engagement.

Ημέρα Ενημέρωσης: Γνωρίστε το American College of Thessaloniki

Date of the event: 
Friday, 4th September, 19:00

Παρασκευή 4 Σεπτεμβρίου 2015, 19:00- 22:00
ACT, Πυλαία, Θεσσαλονίκη
Ημέρα Ενημέρωσης με το American College of Thessaloniki (ACT), μέλος του Κολλεγίου Ανατόλια, διοργανώνεται την Παρασκευή 4 Σεπτεμβρίου. από τις 7 έως τις 10 το βράδυ  στις εγκαταστάσεις του μη κερδοσκοπικού εκπαιδευτικού οργανισμού στην Πυλαία Θεσσαλονίκης.

4ος Διαγωνισμός Υποτροφιών ACT (American College of Thessaloniki)

9 υποτροφίες για σπουδές Bachelor's & 5 υποτροφίες ΜΒΑ
Θεσσαλονίκη (4/9), Λάρισα (5/9), Βόλος (5/9), Ξάνθη (6/9), Κοζάνη (7/9)

ACT Commencement 2015

ACT's undergraduate and MBA students recently celebrated their graduation. The Commencement Ceremony was held at the Raphael Hall of Anatolia College, with keynote speaker Anastasios Tzikas, Chairman of the Board of the Thessaloniki International Fair - HELEXPO S.A..



ACT Commencement

Date of the event: 
June 29th, 2015

The date has been set and it's June 29th. We can't wait to celebrate our newest graduates!
The event is only open to this year's ACT graduating class.

Service Learning: Βringing together theory and community service

After a roller-coaster semester of an experimental class, the students of SOCSCI 399 presented their research on May 27th to the organizations, their instructors and the ACT community. The aim of this pilot course is to enable students to make visible connections between community service, critical reflection on their own learning process, personal and professional development, citizenship skills and values.

New Financial Aid Programs for ACT Students

At ACT we strongly believe that we offer an elite education. But education is not just for the elite!
We constantly strive to make education more affordable for all.
Especially for students in Greece who live outside Thessaloniki and will eventually have to move to the city for their studies, as well as for exceptional High School alumni with high grades.

Our new scholarships program aims to support even more prospective students:

Συμπόσιο με θέμα «Service Learning in Thessaloniki: Students & NGOs in dialogue»

Τετάρτη 27 Μαΐου 2015, 17:00- 19:00
American College of Thessaloniki (ACT)
Τα αποτελέσματα της ακαδημαϊκής ερευνητικής εργασίας 12 φοιτητών και φοιτητριών του American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) με αντικείμενο το πλαίσιο συνεργασίας του ACT με πέντε τοπικές μη κυβερνητικές και μη κερδοσκοπικές  οργανώσεις, θα παρουσιαστούν κατά τη διάρκεια Συμποσίου την Τετάρτη 27 Μαΐου 2015.


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